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dolphina23's Journal

19 August 1982
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Basically, all I'm going to put here is that I write . . . a lot. I plan on publishing. A lot of people say that but I have at least one original plot in the works to become an interesting suspense/drama novel. There are others, to come later in a series with the same main character.

I enjoy reading immensely and love to give con/crit wherever I can because I recognize when someone has honest talent and is honestly trying to build on it as opposed to 'just writing for a laugh'. I do mean con/crit, by the way. I'm not into cruelty, and insulting someone for their work or the work itself is ignorant and not at all going to improve the body of work that is published every year in the U.S., not without honest, constructive comments. Most of what I write is homosexual romance in nature, or has homosexual undertones in the plot. I did not start out writing with that kind of genre in mind, and while I tried my best to keep things realistic and believable, even when it is fantasy, I am not perfect. If something I write is stereotypical in nature or offensive, please don't hesitate to let me know. Honest, I won't bite heads off. The Red Queen does not need anymore, Alice was more than enough for her.